Monday, February 10, 2020

Project Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Project Management - Case Study Example They are the driving force behind all the projects that are performed as well as the reactions to the projects so performed. In the case of XYZ Company, Carl was a very important stakeholder where most of the activities rotated around him as the key man with the post of the executive president. He has the control of all activities that go on at the company and in one case or another summons the different other stakeholders such as the accountant to negotiate on some deals that would oversee the company pushed to progressive levels. Stakeholder groups may involve individuals, groups and formal organizations. Stakeholders are the most important people that make sure that the execution of the project is carried out effectively. In fact, to a more basic level, a stakeholder to the company would be anyone who stands to gain or lose in effect of the project being carried out. In the case of the XYZ Company, the project team, the strategic partners, customers, alliances, vendors and the sen ior management team make up the stakeholders associated with the company. When all these stakeholders come together for the purpose of realizing the project objective, influence and collaboration must be adhered to in taking care of realization of the final objective. This is because effective success in the project implementation requires understanding and co-corporation between all the stakeholders. The customers (banks, insurance companies and investment companies) are usually the beneficiaries of the project that is created as the final consumers. Therefore, they are a very primary group to the operations of the project. Implementers (like the FS business unit) are the driving force behind the operations of the company and are equally very important. Stakeholders on the prime side can be divided into internal and external stakeholder groups. There are several internal factors that affect the outcome of

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